My Service

How guided shopping works for you and to your advantage.

Once your date of arrival, location and amount of time spent in the area is confirmed, you will receive a simple questionnaire to complete via e-mail, fax or it can even be conducted by telephone. This will allow me to find out what you would like to accomplish on your shopping tour. At this point I can customize your tour to achieve the best results according to the area, your amount of time and budget.

Services and advantages provided by the shopping guide:

  • not having a language barrier
  • knowledge of european size conversions
  • handling of the tax-free (a percentage refunded when you return to your home country)
  • knowing the hours of the stores
  • current knowledge on all the european design marks and type of merchandise
  • knowledge of the dates of seasonal sales
  • unbiased advice on your selection
  • assurance you will not get lost
  • having your own personal advisory as to what best suits your needs and or your body type
  • advice on all the current fashion trends, key pieces, and the best traditional and classic investment pieces
  • knowledge of restaurants, night life, spas, beauty services and sport activities in your area
  • returning home dressed to impress
  • returning home to the many thanks and complements on your gift selections
  • returning home with confidence in all your purchases

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